Reflecting the Past, Observing the Present, Previewing the Future…..Gen-X Bohemian Style!

Welcome to Golden Zoomie: Home of the adventures and insanity that is Gen-X Bohemian!

Welcome to Golden Zoomie, the online site for my musings.  Please allow me a moment to introduce myself.

I am Gen-X Bohemian, my online moniker; however, some of you might know me by my real name (if you are my friend).  I am probably your typical Texan: Loud, braggadocios, tall (not NBA tall), speaks with a Southern accent, talkative, welcoming, kind to people unless I there is a reason not to be in which case I will be like a rattlesnake, independent, rebellious, and most importantly, a man who loves life.

One of my favorite things to do is write, something I didn’t realize until I was in my mid-twenties when I was serving in the United States Air Force.  Soon after I actually started taking a real interest in it.  In order to improve my fledgling skill set, I find it appropriate to write as much as I can and what better way to write in our society today than to write in a blog!

I find myself on a constant Spiritual Quest looking for beauty in the world.  Despite the horrors and negativity around us, I cannot help but have absolute faith and optimism .  No matter what, I refuse to yield to failure in my belief in Mankind.

If you become a reader of my blog, I hope you are entertained.  I have a tendency to cover many topics because, well, I have many opinions but the majority of them should be of the humorous variety since I tend to gravitate to the comedy side of life.

I do thank you for stopping by and for checking Golden Zoomie!  Please feel free to comment on what you read.  I appreciate the feedback so I can continue in my growth and development.

– Gen-X Bohemian


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